Who we are and want to be
Our team consists of over a lifetime of hours spent providing quality service to individuals that otherwise couldn't afford a full IT stafff and we want to keep it that way.

Our Past

Throughout the years, we have built a team of trusted individuals that have proved the test of time for what we concider a good person. We all have the same passion to instinctively help whenever and however we can. While the idea of a good person is subjective, we wanted to build a team of individuals that arent in this business for the money or to carry an ego. We all love teaching, helping, and truely understanding that each of our clients have needs that exceed our own, quite literally understanding that our services directly impact how well you can get your work done, increasing profits, decreasaing stress and most importantly generating a better work life balance.

Our Future

We want to say that the field of IT Support if heading in the right direction, we want to say that trustworthy companies and individuals is commonplace, and we want to say that the majority of people are eager to listen rather than to dictate, but sadly we can't. To be honest, our team has been happy where we are and our clients have always been excatic with our work. It has really been our new and existing clients that have encouraged us to maintain our services while continuing to grow. Our main focus going forward is to maintain and grow our skills, understand the impact of our actions and most of all, have true empathy for all of our clients.

Service Area

Headquartered in Albuquerque NM, NMITSupport serves business clients locally and nationally

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