Virtual and Cloud Computing
If you don't understand what Cloud Computing is, let us break it down for you. Its the ability to have enterprise level, off-site, high availibility systems for a fraction of the cost of a traditional datacenter with so many benifits.

Virtual Systems

Virtual systems is basically the concept of buying larger then usual hardware and using that system to "Virtually" host multiple servers. From the users perspective, everything will seem like you have a seperate servers for different tasks, but all of the servers actually exist in one platform. You may ask why this technology exists, and the best answer is administration and cost. condensing multiple servers into one system makes administration more centralized, smaller footprint, less energy and cabling, and over less moving parts. There can be a catch, which is that if that one system fails, it will impact all servers. We can walk you through all the pros and cons and see if this is the right choice for you. Some of the benifits are listed below:

  • Lower Cost Maintnence
  • Easier Management
  • Better Monitoring
  • Smaller Space
  • Less Peripherals
  • Condensed Cabling
  • Lower Failure Rate
  • Remote Management
  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is very similar to Virtualization above, but addresses some of the downfalls of single virtual hardware failures. Typically, your virtual server is really split into multiple copies, running simultaneously, so if there is a hardware failure, there is virtually no downtime. Your servers are in whats canned a "High Availibility" status, meaning that it would take a national or even International catastrophic event to cause an outage. Some of the benits (outside of virtualization) are listed below:

  • Built-in High Availibility
  • Pure Remote Management
  • Higher Uptime
  • centralized Patch Management
  • Lower Cost
  • Higher Bandwidth
  • Pay As you Go.
  • No Hardware Cost
  • ...

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